A private digital space for your association
The mobile app which will help you to manage all the projects, arrange events and continually keep in touch with your fellows.
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Digital tool to empower your community
When you want to bring some order to your organization activities, to make the events management less painful, to engage passive participants, to mobilize all the sleeping power of teamwork, ComYou will be there for you.
Project management
Every time you have a goal with time limits — here is a project. Achieve all your goals with specialized project management tools in ComYou.
· Set the project stages
· Assign tasks
· Discuss issues
· Fix agreements
· Prepare the necessary documentation
· Organize money collecting
· Visually fix the progress
· Create a report
Event organizing
We understand that events are more complicated than they seem to be. Even for every little meetup, you need to keep in mind many things to do, to check, to announce. ComYou is going to automate some of your work on every stage of an event - before, during and after.
· Push-notifications
· Mailing
· Interactive schedule
· Routing
· Networking
· Meeting arrangement
· Voting
· Report generating
Smart media-files system
After all projects and events, there are plenty of photos, videos, documents and other media files which you need to share with the participants and to store somewhere. ComYou solves this issues for you. In the time of an event, the app will collect the data about all participants' activities. After the event, everybody will receive personalized media sets with photos and presentations from the sections they have attended and contacts of the people they talked to. With ComYou you will also find out the ability of brand new feature — video abstracts. It will help you to make the meetings and events more effective and memorable for the participants.
Secure voting
Your organization may be a powerful official institution, so when you carry out a polling, you need an identity authentication. Even in this case, ComYou comes to the rescue. Hold a formal vote with crypto signature verification. The voters can verify their identity using NFC tag or face recognition.
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They already use ComYou
Gazprom Neft PJSC
is a large corporation with a staff number more than 400 thousand. Every month Gazprom arranges a plenty of events and training for the employees. High-quality networking is very important to the company. The client came to us with a request for corporate community formation and for assistance in employees management on events.
Now Gazprom has a personal secure app. It helps the employees not get lost in the events, and always keep in touch when it's needed. With ComYou it became easier for stuff to get in contact with each other.
The community of NSU graduates
came to us when it became impossible to regulate the activities just with social networks and messengers. They asked us to help them create an own digital environment. Now they can arrange meetings all around the world, share private files, easy find groupmates. Also, they have organized their own loyalty system inside the community with the help of the app.
City Hall of Novosibirsk
wanted to become closer to the citizens. With the help of ComYou, we created a specialized app for the city and released it on the city's 125th birthday. The citizens now have an interface to stay informed about all the local events. The City Hall has a great opportunity to keep in touch with people and to get constant feedback about the official activities.